Grin Nicehash Defender

Thu 09/29/2022, 19:17 UTC


No attack detected

Defense Bot Funds
Active Defensive Orders
Defense Fund Donation Address


Grin51 Health Scores

Measurement Score

(% of normal)
alert threshold = 130%

NiceHash Order Price 105
NiceHash Active Speed 93
NiceHash Mining Unprofitability 69

grin-health Health Scores

Indicator Score

(5 = healthy, 0 = unhealthy)
alert threshold = 0

Overall Score 5
Chain Reorg Score 5
NiceHash Score 5

Debugging Health Scores

Testing in progress False


Grin NiceHash Defender is an open-source bot that Grin community members can use to help defend the Grin network. If abnormal activity is detected the bot will rent C32 hashpower from Nicehash to increase Grin network security for the duration of the attack service is a community funded instance of the Grin NiceHash Defender bot. Donations to Defense Fund Donation Addresses (above) will be used to purchase Cuckatoo32 on NiceHash to defend Grin from a 51% attack

For more information, to run your own grin nicehash defender instance, or to contribute code to the project, please visit the github project page

Disclaimer: It may not work